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Headerbags normaal 

Headerbags are the perfect choice when you want to present small or larger items.

The headerbags from Packlinq are made from super clear film, that is way more clear than regular film used, so the contents are extra visible. So that makes it the ideal bag to present your creations!

On the top the headerbags have a hanging hole (euro-slot or similar) which makes hanging these bags in the display stands of your shop very easy. The bottom part of the bag has an opening and flap. The flap comes with an adhesive strip enabling you to securely close the bag with a tight fit.

The material from which these bags are made is BOPP. This material is acid- and lignin free, which make them excellent for archiving purposes. The headerbags are made with 10% recycled material and are of high quality so that bags won’t easily rip or tear.

Below you find a summary of these headerbags:

  • Super clear

  • Made of BOPP material

  • Food approved

  • Sealable

  • Bottom part has a flap and adhesive strip

  • Suitable for archiving purposes

  • Acid- and lignin free

  • Made of 10% recycled material

Do you prefer eco friendly headerbags? Please take a look at our assortment of eco friendly headerbags. Our eco friendly headerbags are made of lactic acid from plants (PLA) and are very durable. Besides this the eco friendly headerbags also feature a very high clarity, enabling your products to be very visible as well.

It is also possible to have us make your bespoke headerbags with your company logo printed on them or in a specific size that you are looking for. Please go to our online calculator to calculate pricing for your bespoke bags or contact the Packlinq customer service. We would be happy to answer all your questions!

With Packlinq you have a very broad choice of headerbags, as we stock over 230 different sizes and models. When you order before 3 p.m. on working days we ship your order the very same day! Buy your headerbags from Packlinq now for keen prices!


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