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1. At what time can you be reached?

2. Is Packlinq a registered company?

3. What does Packlinq BV precisely do and can consumers also buy?

4. What payment options do I have with you?

5. Are these payment options safe?

6. Can we also purchase at open account with Packlinq?

7. Can we also purchase without V.A.T.

8. What is the minimum order amount I need to purchase?

9. What are the shipping costs?

10. From what amount is shipping free?

11. Can I also pick up an order myself?

12. With which courier service are you shipping?

13. How quickly can I expect my order?

14. I will not be at home the coming days. Can I also choose a later date for delivery?

15. Can I order more products in the same order?

16. Can I return my order when I ordered the wrong items?

17. How do you handle return shipments for faulty products?

18. Is Packlinq in compliance with the European law in regards to cookies?



Q: What are your hours of opening?

A: We are open every working day from 9am to 5pm.

Q: Is Packlinq a registered company?

A: Yes, we are a part of Packlinq Flexible Packaging. You can find our street address and contact information at the bottom of our website.

Q: What is it exactly that Packlinq does?

A: We have our own production facilities in the Netherlands and China and sell flexible packaging for several industries worldwide. We supply B2B to wholesale companies and retailers. Consumers can also purchase goods in our webshop, but our pricing is excl. VAT which we need to charge when you are a consumer.

About our payment options

Q: How can I pay when I order?

A: We offer credit card payments, MisterCash, SofortBanking and Paypal, which will be displayed when accessing your shopping cart by pressing "Checkout" on the right top corner of the webpage.

Q: Are these forms of payment safe?

A: The payment provider we use is safe and our payments go through a protected url.

Q: Can we also purchase at open account with Packlinq?

A: When you are a company, you might be eligible to purchase on credit terms. Please check the menu "corporate customers"

Q: Can we also purchase without V.A.T.?

A. Yes you can. However the first time you will need to pay V.A.T. We automatically detect when a customer is outside of Holland and therefore not obliged to pay V.A.T. Please fill out a registered V.A.T. ID number when you register with us, because we need to verify this with the Dutch V.A.T. office first before we can charge you excluding VAT. For consumers from abroad that do not have a VAT number, prices will remain incl. V.A.T.

About the order procedure

Q: What is the minimum amount I need to order?

A: Since this year we have no minimum order amount anymore, because we want everybody to be able and buy and enjoy our products.

Q: What are the shipping costs?

A: These are indicated during the order procedure and can also be found at our shipping and handling charge page.

Q: From what amount do you ship for free?

A: When you order for  £70.00/€75.00 or more we will pay for the shipping charges (UK and Ireland only). When you are not residing in Europe, we can offer you shipping charges upon request.

Q: Is it also possible to pick up our order?

A: Sure you can. However you are reading this in English so you are most likely not residing in Holland, it is possible to pick up.

Q: What courier services do you use?

A: We ship every order with DPD or GLS.

Q: How quick can I expect my order?

A: When you order before 3 pm, we will ship your order the same day.

Q: I will not be at home the coming days. Can I also chose another date for delivery?

A: Yes of course that is possible. You just indicate this in the delivery date box, during checkout, when you would like to receive your order and we will make sure it arrives on time.

Q: Can I order more items in one order?

A: Yes that is possible. You can order as many products as you like.

Q: Can I return my order when I have ordered the wrong product?

A: Yes this is also possible up to 100 days! When we shipped your order correctly, you will have to pay for the return fee. We will credit your account as soon as we have received your return shipment and the product is in the same condition as it was shipped. Please fill out this return form

Q: How do you handle return shipments for faulty products?

A: We believe that we have good quality products, however should there something be wrong with the product you ordered, than you can send us an e-mail and we will give you a RMA number. With this number you can return the product to us and when your complaint is valid, we will reimburse you for the costs (including expenses for return shipment), or ship you new products for free.

Cookie compliance

Q: Are you complying with the European law for tracking and cookies?

A: Yes our website is fully compliant with the European standards and law in regards to cookies.